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Full Version: Peculiar HP-41CV with RS 620-480 Logo
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Hello all,

I found this strange HP 41CV. I can turn it on, but after that it behaves strangely, I can't really do much with it.

But there is something very odd about it. In that little strip at the bottom of the keyboard that usually says only HP-41CV, this one says RS 620-480 HP-41CV.

Here is a picture:
[Image: G73hd]

Does anyone have any idea what this is? How do I get it to operate correctly?
What happens when you turn it on?

One way to try and get control is to press and hold back arrow while turning it on (forcing a memory reset), or press and hold ENTER then ON. Then try some keys and observe what happens. You can also try to remove the battery and do the same.

If you have the ability, try the diagnostic module.

If there are some peripherals attached, remove them.

Hi Håkan, thank you.

I tried all that before posting but it didn't work, so I opened the calculator cleaned around the zebra connector and put it back again and now the calculator works (seems fine actually).

But any ideas on the strange logo this one has?
I googled for it yesterday, the only thing I found was some RS components inventory number that matched it. There were other HP-41 stuff in similar number range, but it looked like fairly standard stuff and no pictures. I have no idea what they do or have done. Put an inventory number on the item to keep track of it and eventually sell it?

Odd. I've now seen that and yes it matches this one exactly.

But I can't find a good explanation to what is the purpose of the calculator to RS. If it was solely for sale as a normal HP-41CV it wouldn't have this special label I guess.
It could be surplus stuff, meaning they got it second hand from somewhere. Then put a sticker on it to keep track of it in their system. But I am just speculating...

Is the sticker on top of the original one?

(05-11-2017 06:33 PM)hth Wrote: [ -> ]Is the sticker on top of the original one?

I'm not sure, it's difficult to see and I'm not really sure it's just a sticker. Its colours, fonts, texture and printing seem the same as the normal labels of the HP-41CV.

It seems odd that someone went to such great detail in fonts color and printing material just to put an inventory label... but then again I don't know nothing on how RS used to operate so it's possible I guess.
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