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Full Version: WP34s large programs
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Hi everyone,

As a newbie to WP34s, I'm wondering how on Earth a large program like TVM is developed. It's in XROM, but whatever space in RAM I free up, it's too large to be copied into RAM, edited, and sent back to XROM. So, how do I write or modify a program like that?

Sorry if the answer is trivial, I just haven't been able to find it in the forum.
Have you used the REGS command to reduce the number of numeric registers?
Cleared the statistics accumulations (CLsigma)?

The TVM program is 420 steps which will fit into RAM.

Damn, you're right: I only looked at the last line number of the exported file, which is 1021 -- didn't notice that it all starts at 0602!

Sorry, and thanks anyway!
You can use a text editor in your computer then, using the wp34s assembler and related tools, build a new wp34s-lib.dat file, to be read by the emulator, to test the program in your PC (the program will be in LIB). Once done, there is a way to move your program in the LIB of the emulator to the LIB in the real machine. I was unable to put such mechanism to work, though, so I need to build the whole firmware including the program (a more cumbersome task) and then flash the machine (in my case this is a risky operation).

The assembler and related tools only need Perl installed in your system. The system required to build the whole firmware is more complex.


NOTE. I think that, in windows, you do not even need Perl.
Perl is required for the assembler.

It might come bundled with Windows, if not an Internet search will find it.

(05-11-2017 10:39 AM)Paul Dale Wrote: [ -> ]Perl is required for the assembler.

Didn't the .exe files included in the tools directory solve that?

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