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Full Version: Number Display in Classic, Woodstock & Spice Series
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Has anyone noticed the difference is the size of the display between Classic, such as HP-35 and Woodstock, such as HP-21 ?

Until I placed them back to back, I'd always assumed that the classics, which have a wider body would have the same or larger display. But when I put "e" (2.718281828) in the display of both, I was surprised to find that the smaller Woodstock actually has a larger number display. Measuring e to 9 decimal places, is approx. 1.625" on the classic and 1.75" on the Woodstock. Then I fired up a Spice machine and found the same number measures about 2.0".

Of course, I'm aware that the Classics display more digits in scientific notation than the other two. But I don't recall reading anywhere about the actual size of the number display.

Thought some might be interested.
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