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Full Version: How well do you know the World ? on HP Prime
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Here is a new touchscreen game named "Geogame".
Touch the correct asked places on the screen to win.

[Image: geogame1_hpprime.png] [Image: geogame2_hpprime.png] [Image: geogame_hpprime.png]

Download : http://mic.nic.free.fr/hp/geogame_hpprime.zip

Share your high scores Wink

I'm preparing a 2nd version with USA, NYC and Europe maps.
Nice work! This is a great game!
Beautiful graphics!

The only thing that breaks the "illusion" of a game is the msgbox being show as it is Big Grin
Very nice! But to play more easily on the physical prime, would it be possible to add the possibility to fine tune the flag position with the cursor keys?

My first try high-score: 1752 (achieved on the virtual calc).
Thank you.
I added directionnal keys and deleted MSGBOX in the 2nd version Wink
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