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Full Version: Calculator Stand
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I've been looking for a new calculator stand and it seems they are not readily available as in days past. I did see some discussions in the forum about DIY projects for building one, but recently I ran across this source:


Not too expensive ($9.95 USD plus shipping), is adjustable to 4 heights, and has non-skid rubber feet. It also folds up pretty compactly. It has a lower ledge (and some side rails) that holds the calculator in place. Even though it is a little short for the 48 series calc, it does hold it nicely.

Here are some pics of a 50g and 41CV in it, along with the stand alone:

Seems pretty good, and solves the viewing angle problem that I frequently have to deal with on a flat surface.


P.S. I am in no way affiliated with the company or profit by anyone ordering one, I just thought I'd pass on the info.
I have many of these, they are well made, flexible and reliable.

They can be found at several places online, but are also sold on eBay from time to time (though not now) by the nice guy that makes them. From him, they are available in several colors. Not surprisingly, these come from the Corvallis area.
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