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Full Version: Poll: Any interest in an HP-41 CPU connector replacement?
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I'd like to gauge member interest in a replacement for the HP-41 "zebra strip" CPU connector. These connectors can fail with age, or worse, become unreliable during normal operation. There are no readily available replacements you can purchase. I was motivated to find some sort of solution when an HP-41C model I had would show display flicker, and occasionally reset itself during normal handling. No amount of cleaning or reshaping pads would restore dependable operation. The thread below has more detail on the replacement I developed.


I've replaced all the connectors in my HP-41 collection. I thought others might be in the same position I was in - loathe to consign a calculator to spare parts, but unable to find a reasonable alternative. If there are a sufficient number of interested members, then I'll order a stock of replacements and manage distribution.

The cost of a replacement would be $8 for the flex circuit or $9 for flex plus needed offset material. If you order the offset material, I'll supply that which works best in testing. Otherwise, I can supply a list of cheap and readily available materials that can be used for the offset (something as simple as lamp wick works just fine!). The price would include First Class shipping, both U.S. and International.

I had a bit of fun working out the solution. It would be an added bonus if others could benefit as well.

I'm in for 3 of these. My 41s all work fine now, and are under scheduled maintenance (regular battery check and replacement), however these may not be available in the future, so best to get them when one can.
I'm in for 3 as well.

Three it is for me too, pls. send instructions for payment & shipping.
One for you... one for me... :)

Two of flex + offset material for me, please.

Thanks a lot.
In for 3!
2x flex + offset
Hello Mark,
I will take five flex plus needed offset material
5 x $9.00 USD = $45.00 USD
Ah, yes, I'd like my 3 with offset material as well! Thanks!
I'm interested in one flex circuit plus one offset material, please!

(04-25-2017 07:59 PM)Ángel Martin Wrote: [ -> ]Three it is for me too, pls. send instructions for payment & shipping.

... with offset material too ;-)
Did I miss the prices?
(04-27-2017 07:25 AM)HP-Collection Wrote: [ -> ]Did I miss the prices?

Yes, you did. ;-)
2 flex plus 2 offset
It would appear there is some interest in the flex connector replacement! I'll place an order and should have all material within two weeks. I'll post when ready to fulfill orders, and you can let me know the address where connector replacements can be sent. Payment can be via Paypal.

I have one last set of materials to test based on Geoff's zebra connector measurements. The new material should overcome the slightly-too-large case fit problems reported earlier by others. I'll post test results to the other thread, and when all is ready I'll add a test summary and instruction write-up to the Articles forum. It'll be nice to have all that information in one place instead of scattered among posts to several threads.

Thanks everyone!
Two of flex + offset material for me, thank you for making the materials and techniques available.
Five for me please.


The Other Mark
The new flex circuits have arrived!

To get your own, send me a PM with the address you wish the flex sent. Let me know how many flex and whether or not you want the offset material included. I'll respond with a Paypal link for payment via your member email (or via PM if you request). The price again is $8 per flex circuit, or $9 for the flex plus the offset material.

For orders with offset material, I'll include twice the length of material needed in case you fumble (it happens, for me at least). For each order I'll also include a single length of the hard offset material until my supply runs out. Who knows, there may be a situation where it proves handy to someone.

I'll post an article in a few days detailing the design with assembly instructions. You'll need some double-sided tape like Scotch Scrapbooking Tape or a glue stick to hold the offset material in place while (whilst?) you fold the flex over and place the CPU board on top.

(05-08-2017 11:27 PM)mfleming Wrote: [ -> ]To get your own, send me a PM with the address you wish the flex sent.
PM sent! Smile
(05-09-2017 12:31 AM)Sylvain Cote Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-08-2017 11:27 PM)mfleming Wrote: [ -> ]To get your own, send me a PM with the address you wish the flex sent.
PM sent! Smile

Ditto! Wink
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