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Full Version: Wanna get free rom images?
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I want to present a new way of collaboration with HP-Collection:

In the past I got notice by well known collectors about a "new", undocumented HP-41 module for sale. You might have follow the "AP550 targeting module". In the forum I announced, that if I can get the module for the asked price I will give the image to the community for free. This will be my offer to the community in future as well:

If I can get a listed module for the asked price I will give the image (and overlay if available) to the forum. For you this would mean: If you see a item that is not listed in the database of HP-Collection let me and the community know. If no other person bids on it I try to get it for the asked price and you will get the image for free!
This is only an offer. I can't and will not deny anyone to bid for an item. But I hope this is a fair deal for all of us as most of you are only interested in software, me in hardware Wink

Allready bought with collaboration:

- AP550 targeting module
- IMS System-4 module with overlay

You will find both images soom on TOS and on Monte's CL website
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