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Full Version: HP Woodstock - Battery Contact Spring
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I'm looking for an alternative solution to equip a Woodstock battery compartment (3D reproduction of the original item) with a suitable battery contact spring. Any ideas concerning this issue ?! Many thanks for your response in advance !

Kind regards from Germany !
3D-printed Woodstock battery housings are available from Shapeways.
Springs can be found on eBay.
Unfortunately genius supplier of double contact spring does not deliver to european residents and I did not found one here. So I choose single contacts like those


and soldered them together with a short silver wire.
It might be worth asking the supplier if they'll mail the springs. They offer international shipping (using eBay's Global Shipping Program) for sets of twenty.

Do these springs fit AA batteries properly? 18650s have a larger diameter (3-4mm I think).


if you do not mind to wait four weeks for the springs...

These guys at Aliexpress do offer many items that can be used as spare parts to restore calculators, mainly Hp41 series, like metal posts, screws, springs, silicone hose & o-rings for card readers repair, battery contacts, etc. I do buy very often here for good prices. If interested I can make a list of references/links to these items.

Kind regards

Dear all,

Many thanks for your advice and the fast reply - your feedback was a great help !!!

Kind regards from Gemany
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