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Full Version: hp 50g firmware update procedure note
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I know, the topic is old, still I did find a bit of confusion while installing the newRPL firmware.

The notes contained in the rom 2.15 to flash the firmware with the USB say:

- install the USB connectivit kit provided from hp (or hpcalc.org, I say)
- in the case install the usb drivers (again, hpcalc.org if needed)
- then select USB calculator in the connectivity kit program
- then follow the instruction on the screen.

The instruction on the screen mentioned a reset with a paperclip. I was a bit skeptical and I checked online, finding this link: https://www.educalc.net/2137081.page

(google search string "50g install new firmware usb")

Once again:

Quote:On the calculator side:

Off the calculator and the hold + - key and then using a pin to push the reset slot (back).
Press 1 to select "Update Code".
Press 1 to select "USB"
The screen will display "BEGIN UPDATE" and it will show the progress till the entire sequence has completed.

Well I still was skeptical because the procedure with the SD card install was real quick. In particular:

[Image: maDplnA.png]

I followed the procedure without using the SD card, I just got to the UPDATE CODE part (so no clip needed to reset the calculator). Then I prepared the connectivity kit and the USB cable.

Then I selected USB instead of CARD, and it worked.

[Image: vWZJIZ3l.jpg]

Since I was not able to find this procedure on this forum, I though was useful to share to simplify the life of other users.

The procedure with a clip (but again, no SD card needed) was needed to move back from the newRPL firmware to the 2.15 firmware.
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