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Full Version: Successful LCD swap across Pioneer generations?
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In the past week or two I noticed a dark spot on my (1st gen) 42s LCD. I thought I was going crazy - it seemed to be getting bigger. So after a day or two of cell phone pictures, yes, it's is surely getting bigger and I'm not crazy.

I've read all of the various info on repairing Pioneer models and I think it should be pretty cut and dry to replace the LCD with a donor from a 17b business calc. It would seem that the newer LCDs had better contrast. I'm not sure if that's a difference in the LCD or some other aspect of the design. Thoughts?

Whatever the case, has anyone out there successfully swapped a higher contrast LCD into an older 42s? I know it's mentioned in the HP museum archived article but I've seen no other evidence. Perhaps the rubber contact strips can be swapped or the bezel padded to make up the difference in the two designs?


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