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Full Version: Serial Numbers and Production Dates
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I seem to recall once seeing a table that showed how to read serial numbers on classic HP calculators to get the month and year it was manufactured. Can somebody point me to the table or website?

The older numbers prior to China:


60 + aa = year

bb = week

@ = country A - America (U.S.A.), B = Brazil, S = Singapore, M = Mexico. Others can add to or correct my country codes.

xxxxxx = serial number.

2152A123456. Is 1981, 52nd week, America, # 123456
(04-03-2017 09:27 PM)bshoring Wrote: [ -> ]Can somebody point me to the table or website?

Geoff covered the most answer you likely need, but there is a bit more here on machines in more recent years:

I think M is Malaysia.

See also the Museum's article on serial numbers, scroll down for the eatliest recorded ones for each model.

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Thanks, everyone!

It looks like my HP-80 (1247A) is from the first week of production. My HP-35, type 4 (1346A) is from the second week of production of type 4.

Most interesting.

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