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Full Version: Prime Animation
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Hello Carlos, you could pass the code or the data of the first animation of this thread, that is, the reference to the introduction video to the first, that is, the data that appear on the screen of the screen that you put, but there is something that is missing and does not work at all.
After entering everything like in the example you change to Plot view and see the circle, some points and the slider, press the slider for some time so that you can slide it by hand, slide until you see the point Ruta. Select that and then options, there is Trace to be found, check that. Select the slider again, then options, you will see Animate, start that and it works fine, perhaps you need to adjust the sliders speed.
Fantástico tutorial. Felicidades Carlos.
I do not see how to open the slide bar in the physical calculator

In geometrie app tape on cmds : go to tracing, #6, then type on #9 (slider). press a bit and you get the *slider*.
Really nice Carlos.
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