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Full Version: HP 17B Pre-Production Prototype
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I'd like to share this, and this seems to be a good place for it.

From 1977 until 2006, my father worked for Hewlett Packard ('77-'92 in the calculator division). From his time there, I have an HP 17B pre-production unit. Below, I've taken some photos highlighting the notable physical differences between it and a production unit.

In the photos below, the left calculator is the pre-production unit and the right is a mainstream unit.

[Image: IMG_9123.JPG]
(full size here: https://kelvin.pw/photos/hp/IMG_9123.JPG)
In this image, some of the notable differences are:
  • There is no rough texturing on the pre-production unit.
  • Rather than saying "Business", like on the mainstream units, it is marked with "Business Consultant"
  • The top row of keys is a row of rounded triangles, as opposed to upwards-facing chevrons on production units.

[Image: IMG_9124.JPG]
(full size here: https://kelvin.pw/photos/hp/IMG_9124.JPG)
On the reverse, some notable differences are:
  • No rough texturing
  • No serial number, the only marking identifying it are a "356" written in the serial number area.

[Image: IMG_20170331_001753.jpg]
(full size here: https://kelvin.pw/photos/hp/small/IMG_20...001753.jpg)
Inside the battery cover, you can see that there is no silver backplate and the gold contacts are visible; it also has no glyph showing batteries.

Very nice. Does the prototype have the full operation of the HP 17B?
(04-01-2017 07:40 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice. Does the prototype have the full operation of the HP 17B?
I believe so, I'm going to pick up some batteries next time I'm in town. It's from late in development, so it should.
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