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Full Version: Bug in HP-41 Games Pac
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While playing around with an HP-41 Games Module I just stumbled across a (very minor) bug. Actually it's only a typo. According to Matthias' module list, there was only revision 1A of this module, so this is kind of an eternal bug. However, the Game Module is a lot of fun anyway.

[Image: hp41_games_pac_bug.jpg]
Yes actually it is Smile
Juergen that's because your machine got the dyslexic bug - not unusual for 30+ year old models ;-)
Good find :-)

Gruss, Tobie
(03-23-2017 06:10 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote: [ -> ]that's because your machine got the dyslexic bug

As long as it doesn't suffer from dyscalculia I don't mind :-)
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