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Full Version: NoV-64 that does not work after reprogramming
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I am trying to get a NoV-64 back to life after reprogramming it, but not much success so far.

Here is the story. I have not used the module before, so I took it out and checked CAT 2, it looked good. I decided to reprogram it, but after that it just causes the calculator to beep and then lock up, generating some low noise.

I can program it as a Clonix-D and that seems just fine.

However, with a NoV-64-h.hex image it just locks up. Reading the manual, there is a procedure to reset RAM (I have no idea if that is needed), so I loaded the clr_ram4.hex and nothing happens. If I run CAT 2, it looks like a normal CX catalog, but it stops at the last entry, locking up there.

Any ideas?

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