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Full Version: Conditions for using the MacOS/Windows Virtual Calculator
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I was wondering if someone could point out the eligibility for using the official virtual calculator applications on the PC/Mac. I know that the downloads are publicly accessible. However can anyone use it ? Can I use it if I do not (yet) own a Prime?

Thank you.
The conditions are spelled out in the EULA which will be shown on first launch. Good luck reading those are they are the usual legalese. Smile

1. Yes.
2. Yes (and the hope is you will soon)
Thanks much Tim! My scrupulous mind can now find rest :-).
This is a good reason to use the Prime in school.
The students have their own Prime and I can install the virtual calculator on the teacher PC in every classroom I teach in.

With TI I should buy a license for each classroom / each PC

Very good choice from HP !!!
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