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Full Version: need to make clearer how to extract a .hpprgm from the forum
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Previously I have cut and pasted source from the software library to the Android App...provided it was cut and pasteable.

Now I have the VC and CK on a PC, I thought I would try a program file instead.

Trying Lunar Lander, I extracted lunar.hpprgm from the zip into downloads.

First surprise: Windows doesnt know how to open a .hpprgm.
I had hoped the installation of VC and CK would have told it which program to use.

Second disappointment: Its not a notepad format...so no cutting and pasting for this program.

third disappointment: dragging and dropping the file into CK does nothing.

fourth disappointment: Edit\create a program in CK gives a begin...end template.
dragging the program into that window gives its filename, not its contents.
which seems to be how the CK says to create a program.

I am sure it is possible, but it is neither easy nor intuitive.
If the process cannot be made easier [what is difficult about clicking .hpprgrm?], the help file should offer a few more obvious tips to get you started.

update: ahh...
you drag .hpprgm into the programs in the HP Prime pane not into the huge grey window and have VC running too if that makes a difference. Not edit\create as highlighted in the CK help.
Exactamente, el copia y pega no es una forma compatible con una interfaz en la actualidad, el .hpprgm podría abrirse directamente con el Kit, de hecho se puede hacer eso sin tener conectada una calculadora ni la VC, basta con tener ubicado el archivo en el Panel de Contenido del CK, podría causar confusión.

With the CK open, I normally just drag the file into the calculator (within the CK). Or, sometimes I'll drop it into the Content pane in the CK, and then drag the file from the Content pane into the calculator or emulator. From there, it should be easy to grab the source -- just open the program and copy from the emulator. Or open the program (inside the emulator) from the CK.

(I didn't watch the video above so this may all be redundant.)
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