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Full Version: "PM sent" - what's the point?
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Almost every time someone offers or searches something through the "Classifieds" section he will get one - or several - responses consiting of those two words: "PM sent". What's the point? He gets the mails anyway. Is this supposed to "stake one's claim" at the item by being the first who replies with that one-liner?

Once "PM sent" has been posted, am I still welcome to inquire about an item or does that mean it is gone?

Very curious...
I have fallen to the issue where for whatever reason, there is no e-mail message alerting me to the fact that someone sent me a PM. I usually get the e-mail message, but sometimes I don't for no known reason. I assume the posting of "PM sent" is to alert the OP that there is a PM waiting, whether or not they were alerted by e-mail.

Just my thought...

Inboxes have fixed sizes and can get full. Mine is not there yet, but I wonder what happens to new PMs when it is full.
I regularly check the various threads without a LogIn (& assume others do as well). I am unaware of pending messages during these visits, a notice is appreciated.


You should be welcome to inquire. The person posting a "PM sent" does not speak for the seller. A "PM sent", in my opinion only "stakes a claim" from the perspective of the person who posted it. Often sellers have multiple items, whether they list them or not, so a "PM sent" may be in regards to specific items.

I have sent PMs to sellers who list a single item asking whether they might have an associated item although the item listed is not of interest to me.

I have posted "PM sent" myself. Mainly due to the realization others (including myself) often do not check PM or my regular e-mail on a daily basis.
(03-02-2017 05:40 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote: [ -> ]Once "PM sent" has been posted, am I still welcome to inquire about an item or does that mean it is gone?
As you cannot be sure that it is gone, it would be reasonable to ignore responses like the one you mentioned.
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