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Full Version: Pioneer ROMS
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Jebem posted this useful article: http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-7848.html

I have two questions. Is there a typo in the guide regarding the 14B? This unit does not have an IR port (or does it? I don't have mine in front of me). I know that Emu42 is advertised as being able to emulate it, but how does one obtain the ROM in a legal manner if there is no IR port?

That said, how does one go about obtaining the ROM of non-IR Pioneer units -- in a legal manner. For example I have seen screenshots of the HP 20S being emulated, but how would I go about copying my HP 20S's ROM? I wonder if a chip reader was used.
Thank you, Han!

This is my error in the document that I will correct as soon as possible and will upload and replace the original one.

I must have copied the wrong string from somewhere, probably from the list of supported models on EMU42.

Obviously the HP-14B do not have an IR port (I have one in front of me right now and have doubled checked).
(03-01-2017 05:20 PM)Han Wrote: [ -> ]Jebem posted this useful article: http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-7848.html

Great job on this nice article Jose, thanks very much for sharing it with the forum.

Having all the sources, links, notes and procedures in one place makes it quite handy.

The early adopters will no doubt find the inevitable tiny issues in a compilation doc like this (thanks Han); and btw, good review strategy Wink
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