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Full Version: HP-50G flexible input in num.slv
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If you had to calculate the coefficients for a polynomial and they are in the stack, how do you then use them in the coefficient input in the poly solve routine under num.slv.

Ideally you could reference the stack directly (possible?). I know how to highlight and copy one element of the stack, but what about when you need all three.
If there are 4 coefficients on the stack, just do this: 4 ->ARRY PROOT. Done. No need to open that "solver" window at all.

Notice that PROOT is available from the keyboard by pressing NUM.SLV while HOLDING DOWN the right-shift key. It's in the POLY menu. Or just spell it out in ALPHA mode of course.

->ARRY is in the PRG / TYPE menu.

If you REALLY want to use the NUM.SLV / "Solve poly" window (why??) then I would suggest doing 4 ->ARRY first, or (worst case scenario) starting with the EDIT menu key, then using the HIST key and ECHO menu key to copy the stack items one by one into the command line. But all of that is unnecessarily complicated; just use the PROOT command directly and avoid that whole silly NUM.SLV "Solve poly" window entirely.
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