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Full Version: resizing linked images
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Would it be possible to change the way images behave when they are linked directly into a post? Right now, images are embedded "as-is" into a post, and that makes reading really difficult in the case of large images. It would be nice if all images were set up so that:

1) they are resized to a fixed width (most browsers will resize the image by automatically calculating the appropriate height while maintaining the aspect ratio)

2) upon clicking on an image, a new window opens to actually see the full image

I think having them behave more like attached images makes a thread with many images easier to read without a giant image distracting from the text.
You can scale linked images. Even better, you can make them zoom-able.

Thanks Dave. What I meant was that this behavior be automatic. Too often users include an image and it makes it hard to read their posts when they do not include the size parameters. If this could be done with some sort of default size, then it makes for easier reading.
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