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Full Version: iOS prime support?
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I have an issue with the iOS version in my iPhone 6s+ I would like to find where I can get support to fix my issue or if I need to wait for next update.

iOS version is 11226, the problem is the app resets it self every time I need to use it. Crashing several times until it finally opens. The reset is specially annoying since I only use RPN on my calculations and texbook is the default and I can't have anything saved in memory, this issue has happened since last update, making this app unusable. Please help.

You'll probably need to wait for the next update (as I have no idea how one would correct a problem otherwise), however I'm not certain your issue is corrected in there. We do monitor the support email is the application listings (calculators@hp.com), but your problem doesn't seem to be the general experience.

We have occasionally seen the app close on open a single time, but never the type of experience you seem to be having with it restarting constantly like you describe.

Could you please describe which type of unit you are using (device type, current ios version, etc) in an email to that address? Thanks!
Thanks Tim, I'll do that.
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