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Full Version: MOD, MAKEMAT, etc. in CAS Mode
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HP Development Team:

For the next release, would it be possible to please re-check uppercase commands in the tool catalog for proper results?

When in CAS mode, there can be problems, e.g. 8 MOD 5 doesn't work.

CAS mode will substitute lower case "mod" into the command line, which then doesn't work. Only if the user erases "mod" and types in "MOD" will this command work in CAS mode.

But in Home, 8 MOD 5 returns 3.

This behavior was documented before with MAKELIST and MAKEMAT (MAKEMAT has difficulties filling a vector in CAS mode, e.g., MAKEMAT(4,8) no-go, but it is fine in Home mode). However, more commands are obviously affected, if they are selected by the user from the tool catalog in CAS mode. Some other uppercase commands are fine, e.g., MIN(7,8,9) - - no problem.

Same issue with mine, using the latest firmware version (5447, CAS 1.10.0-27).

I don't understand why in CAS mode the commands are type in lowercase by default (and when picking MOD from the catalog, which is displayed in uppercase, it is converted to lowercase into the entry area as well), if later the CAS parser is expecting an uppercase command???

Also, if the MOD command/function exists in both environments (Home and CAS), why HP do not normalize the command syntax to be the same and get rid of these annoyances once for all?
I don't know the reason (maybe some incompatibility between the CAS/XCAS parser and the Prime tool catalog interface), but I suspect it is easy to fix.

It is "just" that someone needs to look at all the tool catalog commands in a systematic fashion.
It's not that easy, because lowercase commands have pre-existing syntax from Giac/Xcas. My point of view is that the catalog should contain both commands uppercase and lowercase, lowercase just below the uppercase, if they don't have the same syntax. That way the user would see there is a difference and he could select the good one.
I would not mind a grey case-not-sensitive icon in the menus/catalog (right side)
[Image: casesensitive.png]

And 2 entries for the ones that are case-sensitive in menus/catalog, but without that info is really not intuitive.
Or just have the catalog be context-sensitive, i.e., when in CAS mode, substitute the respective lower-case commands, but when in Home mode, the upper-case ones.

That wouldn't be confusing, and the user would never pick the command with the slightly different, and potentially wrong, syntax - - because there is only one choice!
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