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Full Version: HP vers.11226
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Here are the differents dimensions I obtain on my PC win10.
The olds versions up to 10638 are biggers than version 11226.

Am-I alone to get this ? Is-it normal ?

Another thing I see comparing 10638 and new version 11226 :
for the same program beginnig at the same time, version 11226 keep the picture on screen 5 minutes and the version 10638 keep the picture on the screen until I volontary press the escape key ?

Have a look on attachements please.

May I have an explication at the two thread ?


It's the auto off which is turning the calculator screen off.

A side effect of turning the calc off is that all the data files are being saved when you do so.

Thanks for the answer,

So in the version 10638 there is no auto off, because the picture on screen stay always.

Why have-I two size of virtual prime on the PC ? Is-it because in 10638 pictures are in .bmp format and in 11226 in .png format ?

Thank for explain to me because the medium format.png from 11226 version appear very little to work, you have see the difference in my attachement.
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