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Full Version: Tektronix 31 with cogo package-searching for info
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I couldn't pass up this little gem in the silent auction at the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon conference this week. Anyone have any info on it? It appears to be a Tektronix 31, although the plate on the back says model 1. It seems to have a cogo package apparently made by K&E. Looks like parallel ports on the back were added on too, I'm not sure. Anyone have a manual for it or any other info?

[Image: i2iqzo.jpg]

[Image: mv28tj.jpg]

[Image: mv28tj.jpg]
One more pic

[Image: 10enbqg.jpg]
You've probably already seen this Website:

Tektronix 31

If you haven't, there's quite a bit of info there such as specs. No manual though.

Tom L
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