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Full Version: Nmbr Format Geo App
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Hi All,

How can I change the number format in the geometry app.
Geometry app gives allways number presentation "standard" after selecting (shift home) to "fixed", of with shift symb inside the Geo app.
What do I wrong?
The same for the complex presentation, but that's not a big problem.
Try pressing: Shift,Symb (Setup), Number Format, System.
Hi road,

Thanks for your answer!
I have tried it with <shift home> and with <shift symb>, both not the good result.
I have selected, for testing, <fixed, 2 decimals>
Value presentation of the results in geometry numeric view are still with a lot of decimals.
I have tried it with <shift CAS> selecting, <standard> with a lower value for <digit to use>. Gave also not the good result.
Software version 10637, real calculator.
Maybe the number format is not good or not yet implemented in the Geo app.

Road, can you check this for me on your calculator?

You are right! Numeric view still displays standard formatting even when it is set at fix 2. Formatting must not be implemented for plot or numeric view.

As a work around this example may work for you:

Say you want the distance between points GA and GB typing:


in numeric view displays only two decimal places. If you wanted scientific formatting or some other formatting you may have to write a program that does that formatting for you.

Thanks road!

Okay, I'm not crazy! Sometimes I'm thinking about myself, oh ......
Your proposal is sure a solution. But, if you can select the number format in the geo app with <shift symb> you expect that it is possible. Maybe HP or Bernard can change/update this.
Thanks again road!
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