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Full Version: Problems with HPPrime Virtual Calculator
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1: The simulator (version 2016_12_08) sometimes holds the [.], When typed from a QWERTY keyboard THE KEY [./:].
Please try Typing quickly f (x): = x / 2

2: In Spanish, the first menu, hide titlebar is in another language, Should be (ocultar barra de titulo)

2.1: The second menu, can be written more complete REINI. -> REINICIAR
You are talking about the [CAS] side, right?
Does pasting it to the command line count as typing it in quickly?

I'm not seeing this problem here (yet), r11266, win7, english, emulator.

Yes, CAS MODE and typing only, not paste expressions

I do not know if the following is also a failure.

[CTRL-PC](hold)+[SHIFT-PC](hold) then drop [CTRL-PC] The SHIFT key on the virtual keyboard is retained
This keyboard problem, I from time to time have it, too. On my german keyboard there is an AltGr-key for typing [] or{}-brackets and sometimes the virtual shift key stays selected, can only be altered by restarting the prime. Today I retried and it worked. So I will have to try to make it reproducable.
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