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Full Version: Fullquotes & image sizes
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For easy readability of threads, I would like everyone to consider how much of the original posting has to be quoted and to crop the quote accordingly. I've often seen full quotes (even nested and including pictures), where the only contribution is a 'nice', 'like', or '+1'.

Another plea: I understand 14 megapixel cameras are ubiquitious now, and it's easy to upload images taken with them as they are. Unfortunately they usually don't fit an average screen, and so the horizontal slider has to be used. As this slider is located at the bottom, you'd have to read half the line, go down and slide, then go up again and read the rest of the line. This procedure would have to be repeated on multiline postings. Please also consider not everyone has broadband internet and can download such pictures within a fraction of a second.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all of your contributions are very interesting (even the 'like' ones ;-)) and deserve proper presentation :-).
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(according to the bbs rules, the msg has to be 5 chars at least;-)
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