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Full Version: Vector application
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Hi, guys,
I'm a young student at the beggining with hp prime.
A few days ago I started developing my first application for hp prime based on vector operations. I began creating simple graphic application to convert vector from polar to cartesian notation and so on.
Now I would like to develop something cooler and more complicated: I'd like to
draw one, or more, vector on a plane and manipulate them.
With "manipulate" I mean do some operations as draw the sum of two vectors, the difference or rotate one and stuff like this.
I'm here writing this post to ask you about some thing which could help.

I though to draw the vector using the LINE command but I met in some problems: if I want the vector drawed on the screen I must block it with command as FREEZE or WAIT, this cuase that I can not "manipulate" it. If I just want to scroll up and the down the screen I can't.

So I thought based my drawing program on the plot view and create and manipulate vector using the plot commands of the geometry application, but I don't know how.
I also watch around the net and I found that some program as the 3D-Plotting of Han Duong alouds the user to move around the screen.

Could you help me???
Off of the top of my head:

Creating customized apps are based off of existing apps. I would recommend considering the app based off the Function or Geometry app. The problem is that I am not 100% how to include Geometry app commands (if needed) in programs.

I would start by getting the desired math subroutines done first (add, subtract, etc).

You could manipulate vectors through the use of the GETKEY and a loop. You could move a vector by the use of arrow keys. Of course, everything will need to be redrawn. An example is how I created a simple game by moving an "M" by use the arrow keys here: http://edspi31415.blogspot.com/2014/02/h...-game.html

Hope this helps.
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