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Full Version: Possible BUG on History CAS
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Quoted expressions ('expression') are not working well in CAS history

F1(x):='sin(x)'; ⇨ 'sin(x)'
[up key] QUOTE(sin(X))

[up key]

f(x)' ⇨ 2*x // ok
f' ⇨ (x)->2*x

a/b; ⇨ a/b // ok
quote(a/b); ⇨ a/b (problem, not include quotation marks) ⇨
[up key][up key]copy '(a/b') error ? It's a BUG or not?
Is expected ⇨ quote(a/b) or 'a/b' or '(a/b)'

numer(quote((a/b))) ⇨ a/b
numer(eval(quote((a/b)))) ⇨ a // ok
[up][up]copy error ?
He does not let me retrieve the input

One of the functions of the history is to be able to call inputs and outputs and then manipulate them. Who agrees with this?
quote(a/b); ⇨ a/b
[up key][up key]copy ⇨ '( a/b' )

I think the problem is that the last expression is interpreted as a derivative diff(b),
-> diff( a/diff(b) )

The problem could be solved (copy input) if the expression has two ' at the beginning and end, are not derived is a single expression.
It is a bug (though only in Texbook entry mode)
Some plans by HP-TEAM to correct this BUG?
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