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Full Version: Four other old financial models using same rom as Unisonic 766
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For who may care :-) here are the other 3 financial models I have that appear to use the same chipset as the Unisonic 766 financial calculator. All have the same function set as the Unisonic 766.

The Unitrex Mini Handy 80F. Beautiful red LED display. Most professional looking of the bunch.

[Image: Unitrex%20MiniHandy%2080F.JPG]

The Hanimex ESF 101. Keys are the "klixon?" style. Very loud clicky type. Blue/green display.

[Image: Hanimex%20ESF%20101.JPG]

The Enterprex 2110. Very odd dual key notation to avoid functions on the keys.

[Image: Enterprex%202110.JPG]
I have a version of the bottom one labeled "Privileg 890 FIR-D". It also has the "Financier" label. Privileg was the electronics brand of the German mail order house "Quelle".
Gene; this is another possibility for your list.
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