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Full Version: SUGGESTION: Improved searching of programs
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Often when searching the forum, I know whether what I am looking for is in the HP Prime forum or in the program library.

I know you can specify specific forums to search, but it would be convenient to quickly be able to select/exclude:
Conversational forums
Program libraries
Source Code.

Also useful would be an easy way to search just your own programs.
A couple of things you may or may not know: You can click on a category like HP Software libraries and it will search the subforums (ie each software library in this case). You can control click and shift click to select multiple forums, and to restrict a search to your own stuff, you can include your name in the username field. A less obvious feature is that if you enter your user name and click “search titles only” (even though you have entered no string to search for) you’ll get a list only of threads you created.

Ie: click on HP Software libraries, select “search titles only” and put your name in the Username and you should find your software threads.
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