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Full Version: EIGENV in RPN mode
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Hello all

Sorry for bothering you with such a low level topic, but I can't find out how to use the EIGENV command (be it with a predefined M1 matrix, or a matrix listed in the command, or above in the stack) when in RPN mode, which is my default setting.
I just get "Syntax error" as a result.
No issue when in Textbook or Algebraic mode.

Is it me or is this kind of command not compatible with RPN? This may have been discussed already but I just don't have much time to dig into the archives right now.

Many thanks Advanced and kind regards.
In RPN put your matrix on the stack and then call EIGENVAL with the number of parameters to take from the stack (this syntax is specific to RPN mode).
For ex:
  • M1 EIGENVAL(1)
  • [[1 2][3 4]] ENTER EIGENVAL(1)
I was in a hurry last time and did not took the time to post this additional question: since this is not documented in the help text that can be accessed from the calculator (which is to my opinion a lacuna), where did you get this information?

I have had a quick look at the User's Manual (issue July 2015) in the chapter dedicated to RPN and did not find anything similar.

Kind regards.

[EDIT] : I have found it in the RPN chapter. Just needed to read more carefully.
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