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Full Version: HP Omnibook 800CT and 300/425 machines and parts available in Denver, CO (Dec 20
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Alerted to existence of hpmuseum by kind person on the old omnilist...

I have a batch of Omnibook 800CT machines (three or four, maybe more) and related parts - a number of LiIon batteries, chargers, external CDROM/SCSI cable (one or two), and some other related parts I'd like to find a new home for. Similarly, I have several 300/425 series machines (monochrome, earlier era), spare LCD panels, etc. This equipment was working (save for batteries which were screened when I received them, but are now unknown). 800CT era machines appear on ebay (a number of current listings exist) so you can estimate value - this might be opportunity for collector and/or resale. If anyone is left on this reflector that is interested, please let me know? I would be willing to pack/ship (non export unless you have US-based intermediary to handle that stage of shipment), and would take an inventory, but won't spend time photographing or testing the gear for you. I don't have a price in mind (except I'm not trying extract substantial value from these), more that I'd like them to end up with someone that appreciates them for what HP created (when HP created things in Corvallis!) - one of the 425 machines was my "daily driver" in mid 1990s, and one of the 800CT machines was my "daily driver" in 2004-2005 timeframe and with 64MB RAM and SSD it wasn't bad, but couldn't likely keep up with modern bloated web pages/browsers.

Thanks for any interest/inquiries.


Hi Dave,

I'd be interested in the 300 an 425. How many of them do you have? I understand they are untested, do they seem to be in good condition?
I honestly have no clue about the price of those machines. I'll try and find out...

Probably wasting my time on this thread but any chance any of this is still available??

Thank you!!
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