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Full Version: Pushing the limits on the Terminal screen...
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I was trying to PRINT() a large amount of objects in the terminal screen... when I realized some of the objects were missing.
So after a couple of tests I found out that the terminal screen is limited to show up to: 2040 chars, including line breaks. And that is why sometimes some numbers were missing!
In the following code you are safe only up to n:=538; using a greater number you will start losing data.

EXPORT test()
LOCAL a:=1,n;
INPUT(n," ",{"#:"});
UNTIL a=n+1;

I don't know... if this is the way it is supposed to be? or it can be fixed on future releases.
I thought terminal screen capacity was limited only by memory!
The limit is a little less than 2K characters in a single PRINT.
If you want to print more, you can do multiple PRINT's...
I don't know how far back the terminal will scroll.

One workaround is to instead append the output to a Notes file.
Thanks StephenG1CMZ.

Yes appending an output to a note file sounds like a good idea.
Has this PRINT limit been updated?
How far back can the terminal screen now scroll?
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