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Full Version: Test symb2poly == polyToCoeff
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symb2poly == polyToCoeff as vector
poly2symb == coeffToPoly

increasing: off & simplify flag: NONE This should only extract the coefficients of each term

> symb2poly( (x^2) + (b*x/a) + (b/(2*a))^2, x ); ->
poly1[1, 4*a*b/(4*a^2), b^2/(4*a^2)] // ok but why Rewrites the coefficients?

The output should be ->
poly1[ 1, b/a, (b/(2*a))^2 ]

with normal

normal( symb2poly( (x^2) + (b*x/a) + (b/(2*a))^2, x ) );
poly1[ 1, b/a, (b/(2*a))^2 ]
The at is correctly displayed if textbook mode if off.
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