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Full Version: i41CX+ emulator - how to enter synthetic instructions
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1) I'm assuming the vanilla i41cx+ does not have the ability to enter synthetics. If that's not correct, let me know how.

2) I have plugged in POWERCL as a rom into the i41cx+ and have been able to use the XEQ ENTER to get XEQ _ _ _ : _ _ _ display where you can key in decimal values to load or execute an instruction. You can use this if you wanted to get RCL d (although plugging in the CCD/OSX rom and simply typing RCL . d is better). So for synthetic instructions like alpha text lines or STO/RCL, I think I'm good.

The problem is...

3) I don't see how to key into a program E6 or E2. What module should I plug into the i41CX to do that? Should I plug in the ZENROM? I know it allows entry of E6 without the leading 1.

I use a combination of the ZENROM and the i41CX+ file import for all my synthetic programming. ZENROM (as it sounds like you already know) supports direct key synthetic programming (include extra alpha chars). The i41CX+ file import supports many of these as well ... just create a txt file on your computer containing the "E6" or "E2" line, and save/copy it to i41CX+ (I use Dropbox and OneDrive, but there are other options).
Aha. I will look into the text file import. thank you.

The zenrom is also possible, I guess I was surprised the POWERCL or AMC/OSX roms didn't allow that when they did so much other direct synthetic keying.
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