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Full Version: HP45 Behaviour
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Hi all,

I was playing around with the HP-45 emulator and came across this problem

Assume you have a value stored in Memory [1]

(Example: 50 STO 1).

If you do RCL 1, then 50 is placed into the C register and the stack is lifted by one and 50 is displayed as you would expect.

However, when the Enter key is pressed, then the Status register bit 7 is cleared when the code gets back to the main loop.

Now if you press RCL 1, the value is placed into the C register but the stack is not lifted.

Stack 5 Enter 1/x RCL 1
T 0 0 0 0
Z 0 0 0 5
Y 0 5 5 0.2
X 0 5 0.2 50

(Expected) (However)
Stack 5 Enter RCL 1 RCL 1
T 0 0 0 0
Z 0 0 5 0
Y 0 5 5 5
X 0 5 50 50

Anyone know if this happen on a real HP45



It's early in the morning, I figured it out

No need for the duplicated entry once the enter key is pressed when another variable is expected

Time for bed

As they say in the legal profession: "asked and answered."

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