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Full Version: Barograph completed (redone)
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Finished this project a year ago but forgot to complete thenposting. Here is the original posting of the barograph:



[Image: barographglassleftquarter.jpg]

[Image: barographglassglassdrawer.jpg]

Here it is now

[Image: bdc234b2-7805-4be0-837f-6e1e5f86e112_zps7wbmzjys.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2125_zpsvl1cm4kk.jpg]

fun to watch the air pressure change especially in the fall winter storm season. Restored the lever system for amplifying pen deflection. New nibs for pen arm, new facsimile of ink bottle, new paper scrolls from 28.00 in to 32.00 inches. Eight day Clock restored. All gold flashing redone and all brass stripped, polished then laquiered.

The cabinet was made of three types of wood and originally varnished with a stained dark muddy black finish. I prefer the natural wood grain to be seen. All wood joints reconstructed where needed and reassembled.

Accurately tracks and recorded air pressure in inches for eight days. Here you see it has recorded multiple weeks on one sheet.

Beautiful! Another pet to look after!

You should take it to work with you and recreate the original charts that came with it. I'll bet yours would be more dramatic. :-)

Did you ever determine who made the clock movement? Kind of reminded me - not surprisingly I suppose - of a marine chronometer with the "escapement module" as a separate bit, so perhaps that was sourced from a specialist manufacturer?

Thanks for posting.


PS I just finished restoring a Kodak "Jiffy" folding camera from the 30's. When I'm working on that kind of project, I'm always curious about the last thing a gadget might have "seen", "calculated", "timed", etc. It was pretty cool that your barograph had those old charts inside to tell you.
Thanks Bob!

The movement is stamped:

Made in England for Taylor Instrument Companies. 11 jewels.

I am thinking it is probably Smiths. The barograph is 1925 from serial number and manufactured br Short and Mason.

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