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Full Version: AlmostBlockOut game (Almost BlockOut clone)
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My first game for HP Prime

Congratulations Tetris into the third dimension https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockout I

Pressing the [help] key displays a dialog box
Quote:Up/Down/Left/Right - move ↑↓←→
Home - move down along the Z axis (Home - Go to the bottom)
A/F - rotate aroun the X-axis ⇈⇊
B/G - rotate aroun the Y-axis ⇉⇇
C/H - rotate aroun the Z-axis ↺↻
Esc - exit
Help - this screen
After exit press View to restart.
If you can't rotate - move by Up/Down/Left/Right/Home
I updated the program in line with suggestions from compsystems.
Please also include gray transparency.
Thank you
(12-07-2016 04:08 PM)compsystems Wrote: [ -> ]Please also include gray transparency. Activated or not with the [+/-] key for example
(Allows to see better parts of the piece)
[Image: scr2.jpg]

Thank you

Such a change requires a deeper code modification. At the moment I do not plan such a modification. Original BlockOut from 89 did not have anything like that. Preferable to try to change the colors.

Application updated to version v1.03. I changed the colors and perspective + minor fixes.
Ok, if the image with gray transparency is the version BlockOut II.

Please can in the future add some comments to source code, I want to learn to handle the graphical view
Application updated to version v1.04. WAIT instead of GETKEY in Help loop, minor changes.
Application updated to version v1.05.
Now the blocks are automatically moved away from the wall during rotation + bug fix.
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