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Full Version: "New" 9114B
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Received my "new" 9114B today.

[Image: Aurz4mU2FwoeE5nxAjFUVfHkt2BKkmrlQta6KtZ6...-h207-p-no]
[Image: OD_hKQtsH8wMyDty7_3Yf3dS-wCYBNC96LMmeEIF...-h207-p-no]


The battery pack looks good.

To Joe Horn, I have a control board to fix your 9114B.

(02-21-2014 03:46 AM)Dave Frederickson Wrote: [ -> ]To Joe Horn, I have a control board to fix your 9114B.

Cool! Thanks. I'll be in touch.
Was the damage due to inept packaging? I've had a couple of vintage electronic items advertised as "perfect condition" arrive damaged due to poor packaging; when I complain, I'm told to file a claim with the shipper, even though it's obviously the packer's fault.
Hi dramsey,

Yes, inadequate packaging. There was only a single layer of small bubble wrap around the drive and it was in a medium flat-rate box, which is just about the size of the drive. Not much cushioning.
The claim's been filed with USPS. Just waiting, now.

It's all cool. The seller has offered to refund the difference between the sales price and the insurance claim. Smile

Maybe a battery pack and controller board will come out of this. The case was in very good condition - would have made a nice collectible.

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