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Full Version: Fiber Optics EQ Library
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Fiber Optics 2 Library, Upgrade Oct. 12/19, is a set of Equations that can be used in a course in Fiber Optics, based on the book "The Elements of Fiber Optics" by S.L. Wymer Meardon, 1993.The variables may vary slightly, but a variable description is provided in each topic.

There are four constants used.
1-h=6.626E-34 Joules/second Planck's constant.
2-q=1.602E-19 Coulombs, electron charge.
3-c=2.998E8 m/s, speed of light in a vacuum.
4-k=1.381E-23 Ws/K, Boltzmann's constant.

There are a total of ~ 130 variables all listed with a description.

Inside the code does not find the file ENGLIB();
You can ignore that. An oversight , I used my ENGLIB program as a Template.
I'll remove it when I get a chance and repost it.

OK DONE Thanks for the heads up.

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