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Full Version: more parameters in the link and image templates [img width=x height=y] url [/img]
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Please include the following parameters in the link and image templates

''[ url ] ... [/url]'' or
''[ url = ... ] info text [ /url ]''

[img] url [/img] or
[img width=x height=y] url [/img] or
[img text width=x height=y] url [/img]

This allows the post, does not show the full path of the link addresses, adjusts the image to a fixed size, and shows an image text help.

The format is [img=XxY]{url}[/img].

See: http://hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-1735.html
OK, it's hard to remember the template text, please you can add these options as submenus

Thank you

[Image: request_links_image00.png]
Nice idea.1+
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