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Full Version: Problem with Laplace transform [SOLVED]
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The command laplace(SIN(t*pi/10)*(Heaviside(t)-Heaviside(t-10)),t,s) works correctly.


Now if instead of the number 10 we use a constant (a), and execute the commands assume(a>0) and laplace(SIN(t*pi/a)*(Heaviside(t)-Heaviside(t-a)),t,s) , the result is not correct.


It should be the same as in the first image, substituting a for 10 in the numerator, and a^2 for 100 in the denominator.

The program XCAS gives correct answers in both cases.
The version of giac in the current firmware is older than in Xcas, a bug has certainly be fixed.
Corrected in firmware 13333.

Thanks to the HP Prime Team!
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