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Full Version: [request CAS] tag answers
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For all outputs containing multiple results, please attach a label, with the purpose of identifying the outputs

example #1 LU decomposition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LU_decomposition

LU & lu CMDS


output := LU(MA); [enter]
-> current firmware

more explicit (good idea?)
{ :L:[[1,0],[0.333333333333,1]], :U:[[3.,4.],[0,0.666666666667]], : P:[[0,1],[1,0]] }

ML:=output[1]; [enter]

MU:=output[2]; [enter]

MP:=output[3]; [enter]

((MP*MA)==(ML*MU)) -> TRUE // P*A = LU

[Image: LUdecomposition_hp_prime_image00.jpg]

example #2 Source: https://gmgolem.wordpress.com/category/linear-algebra/

output := LU(MA); [enter]

ti-nspire_cx_cas screen capture
[Image: lunspire.jpg?w=737&h=501]

R-language (Output, well detailed)
[Image: lur.jpg]

Now lowercase
output := lu(MA); [enter]

What is [2,3,1]? I can not find the documentation [help] key
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