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Full Version: Prime with cocoa
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Enjoy your Prime with cocoa! Try this in CAS:


Must be typed in lowercase. CAS only.
Nice one!
Mine did the same, using the most recent firmware update (Nov-25).

After typing "convert(0,14)" in CAS window, the answer was prompted in the history area as:
"CONVERT(0,14) with_cocoa"

Surely the calculator must have a good reason for this kind of recommendation.
I enjoy chocolate very much, thank you!

After checking the wikipedia, apparently this can be related to the COCOA API framework?
"Cocoa is Apple's native object-oriented application programming interface (API) for the OS X operating system".
Strange or interesting at least!

convert(1,14) -> with_f5
convert(2,14) -> tdeg
convert(3,14) -> plex
convert(4,14) -> revlex
convert(5,14) -> modular_check
convert(6, 14) -> 6

This seems to be related to xCAS which is the base for the CAS on the HP Prime:

CoCoA has nothing to do with Cocoa on OSX and it is a system for computing with multivariate polynomials.

Further, CoCoA is part of xCAS.
Computations in Commutative Algebra

Thanks for the enlightenment, Dominik!
That explanation makes all the sense now.

I guess I have a long way in front of me to learn all this advanced CAS/xCAS framework. I did symbolic calculus at school in my time, long ago, but never used machines for that purpose, except of course for numeric operations with my HP-25 Smile

Jose Mesquita
Yes, CoCoA was the Groebner basis computation engine of giac before I implemented my own engine (that is now the fastest open-source Groebner basis engine for revlex ordering). with_cocoa is still an optional argument that you can pass to gbasis in Xcas to force use of CoCoA.
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