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Full Version: The Great American Eclipse 2017
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I know that there are quite a few fellow amateur astronomers on this forum. It seems a bit early yet, but there there will be a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 visible along a path all across the United States (http://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/). Since this may be the last total eclipse, within easy range, in my remaining lifetime, I decided to go and see it together with my wife and son.

Airline and hotel prices have already reacted to the event. For example no hotel room in Casper, Wyoming - who has ever heard of this town before? - from August 20 to 21 can be found for less then 1,500$. Casper is ideally located in the middle of the path of totality in a region with predictably good weather, that's why. So we just booked our flights, rental cars and hotels along a route that will take us through some national parks an scenic places in the west of the United States during the two weeks following the event.

So I am just curious if other forum members will also go see the eclipse and if so, where, and if - maybe - some kind of meeting along the road can be arranged?

There was some discussion about it some weeks ago when the location of HHC 2017 had to be defined. So contacting the usual suspects may be worthwhile.
I signed up with a Sky & Telescope tour (http://www.insightcruises.com/events/st0...star082114) in August 2015 (yes, more than a year ago) because I was concerned about tours becoming sold out and prices skyrocketing.

It appears that spaces on this tour are still available.

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