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Full Version: What's a "good" price for HP-41 Time Module?
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I see an auction for an HP-41 Time Module:


This is a high price for me, but I also recognize that it is much lower than auctions for HP-41 modules usually are on TAS.

So, my question is, what would others be willing to pay for an HP-41 Time Module? What amount have you had to pay? Am I fooling myself that I should be able to acquire one of these for a price lower than this?

Thanks for your thoughts!

(11-01-2016 09:36 PM)Geir Isene Wrote: [ -> ]I believe I have one to spare. I would rather trade with something interesting than charge you money.

I *love* seeing replies like this. Thanks Geir, even if I'm not a part of the trade...
(11-01-2016 09:36 PM)Geir Isene Wrote: [ -> ]I believe I have one to spare. I would rather trade with something interesting than charge you money.

Oooohhh! I like the possibility of a trade, Geir!

Here are some items that I have available for trade:

HP-200LX (1 MB) with the User Manual & Quick Start Guide, AC adapter, SIO interface cable, PCMCIA adapter with 8 MB Compact Flash card. No battery compartment damage.

HP Jornada 820 in the original box, the CDs, AC adapter, SIO interface cable, manual printed out from a PDF file. The battery still works and holds a charge!

HP-71B, pretty much bare bones stock, missing one front port cover, but includes the HP-IL Interface Module. No battery compartment damage.

HP-85 Stuff:
82903A 16K Memory Module
82936A ROM Drawer, containing: 00085-15005 Advanced Programming ROM, 00085-15002 Plotter/Printer ROM, 00085-15007 Assembler ROM
82937A HP-IB Interface Module
82900A Auxiliary Processor (A.K.A. CP/M System)

HP-9122 Dual 3.5 inch Floppy Disk Drive
(Of course, the HP-9122 is somewhat heavy, so shipping costs will enter the picture.)

Please let me know if any of these items are interesting to you. If not, that's OK, too. Thanks very much for the offer.

(11-02-2016 12:30 AM)Geir Isene Wrote: [ -> ]I would be interested in the HP-71.
I will let yu know what I can throw in then and we'll both skip along to the post office.

Cool. Thanks. I'll be here.

I received my Time Module in a trade with Geir today! This is with the original Box, Manual, Quick Reference Card, and Keypad Overlay. Complete package.

I got a big laugh when I opened up the package that I received, to find that all the paper printed materials are in SWEDISH! Of course, trading with a fellow in Oslo, Norway, what was I expecting? The world doesn't speak English as its primary language. Doh!

So, If anyone is in need of the Box, Manual, and Quick Reference Card for the HP-41 Time Module in Swedish, please let me know, and maybe we can set up another trade, or something. I'm keeping the Keypad Overlay, because that actually is in English.

I'm feeling a bit silly, but perhaps someone out there can use this material? 8-)

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