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Full Version: Updating firmware to 2016 version
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For some reason (maybe firewall) I cannot download the latest firmware using the Connection Kit (PC Windows 10), So I downloaded the latest release directly. I have now updated the Connection Kit and Virtual Calculator to the 2016 version and all is well. I have also placed the downloaded firmware files in a number of suggested locations (e.g. a "firmware" sub-folder in the Connection Kid folder) but when I run the Connection Kit it reports that "No updates are available".

So ... where should the firmware download files be located in order for the Connection Kit to find them.

Chris Bragg
Did you unzip the "firmware" zip file and place all the files contained in that zip in your /Documents/HP Connectivity Kit/Firmware directory?

Are you an administrator account on the machine?

Update files were unzipped and placed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Connectivity Kit\Firmware". Yes I have Administrator rights to the PC.

Do I have to manually reset the calculator (hold the Sym key down etc as well)? Could that be an issue? I would have thought this would be independent of the Connectivity Kit detecting the update file set.

The files loaded to the above folder are:-
release_info_EN.html (plus others)

Chris Bragg
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