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Full Version: High DPI emulator skin
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The virtual prime really sucks in High DPI mode, looks so blurry (or tiny depending on your configuration). The only way it was barely usable was with the Large skin but that skin layout is meh IMHO, so I remembered that I made a skin editor years ago so I can make a glorious GIANT skin that looks amazing in my screen... and this is that (at the right is the "Medium skin" as reference):
[Image: 9hDG03Hbhg.JPG]

Download (normal):

Download (new, borderless):

To install, copy both files to: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Prime Virtual Calculator and open and close the virtual prime.

You have to disable the "scaling" (what makes the emulator look blurry and crappy on high resolution screens) first here:
[Image: 5Zczsy3_Vn.png]
[Image: WGJftyvWBd.png]
Grandioso Skin!

Realice unos cambios menores

0: the screen area has a blank frame of a pixel, to give greater contrast
1: the top of indicators add a background
2: the cursor down has a label |

Si deseas Erwin, lo adhieres en el ZIP anterior
Genial, no me habia dado cuenta de que no habia flecha hacia abajo. No se que tan bien se ve el borde blanco en la pantalla eso si
Hello again!

I have polished the skin a little more and created a borderless version:

Download (new, borderless):

[Image: 11.26.2016-12.42.png]
El cursor hacia abajo no tiene marca |, se ve extraño sin ella.
(11-26-2016 05:27 PM)compsystems Wrote: [ -> ]El cursor hacia abajo no tiene marca |, se ve extraño sin ella.

jajaja Nuestro amigo eried, no aprende el error jaja, por favor "CompuSystem" ayudalo Smile
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